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About us



Ryo Nagahama, our chef, has worked at the Joël Robuchon l'ATelier restaurant in Paris. He has also worked with Yannick Alleno at LeMeurice restaurant. Then, he was Joël Robuchon sous-chef in Taipei.

Fabien Espana, Léon Bienvenu's grandson, comes from the small village of Irancy, close to Chablis. He managed the Soufflot restaurant in Irancy for seven years.


couteau et fourchette


Menu Starter, Main Course, Desert

34 € noon (Except saturday and sunday)

38 € evening (Except friday and saturday)

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Menu Dégustation

49 € five courses (Except friday and saturday evening)

64 € seven courses

Please tell us about your allergies and / or any dietary restrictions when booking

Net prices, service included

Wine list

couteau et fourchette


Wine and food pairing

22 € for 3 services

28 € for 5 services

36 € for 7 services

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Net prices, service included

Au Fil du Zinc welcomes you for lunch and dinner Wednesday to Sunday (12 p.m. - 1 p.m. / 7:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.)


 For groups from 8 people, we offer the tasting menu in 5 or 7 courses. Depending on the booking volume, groups of more than 10 people can be placed in our private room adjoining the restaurant. For any group reservation request, please contact us directly via contact@aufilduzinc.fr

Please fill out the reservation form below, we will confirm within 24 hours.

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